Basic Policy on Sustainability

eGuarantee, Inc. (the “Company”) has concentrated its management resources on the business of undertaking and transferring credit risks with the aim of creating a society of vitality and abundance, by realizing the provision of credit to individual industries and the appropriate allocation of social resources.
As a risk market maker, we believe that we will help solve social issues by continuing our business activities in the undertaking and transferring credit risks. Through this business, we will allocate appropriate levels of social resources to businesses such as renewable energy and social businesses, thus pursuing efforts toward sustainability.

President’s Message

We at eGuarantee believe that, since the Company was first established, we have played a key role in the market for credit risks by undertaking credit risks and successfully transferring them to various institutions.

By pursuing our expertise in undertaking credit risks and strengthening partnerships with leading companies, we will remain committed to enhancing our market function in credit risks and aspire to continue to be a company that is indispensable to the world and acts as a foundation (infrastructure) for economic activities.

In the belief that our continued provision to society of such market function in credit risks as a foundation for economic activities will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, all our executives and employees will unite our efforts to contribute to society in some way.

Masanori Eto
President and Chief Executive Officer

Indices for Sustainability Initiatives
As of March 31, 2024

CategoryGuarantee liabilities
(Billions of yen)
Guarantee liabilities related to solutions to environmental issues (E)19.1
Guarantee liabilities related to solutions to social issues (S)23.2
Guarantee liabilities related to regional revitalization (S)281.5
Guarantee liabilities related to start-ups, etc. (S)65.2

* Separate confirmation of whether or not individual guaranteed transactions pertain to their corresponding categories has not been performed. The above figures are the aggregation of guarantee contracts in which the name of the guaranteed product or service or the guaranteed company, etc., contains specific wording.