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Deferred Postage Payment Guarantee Service

When using the Japan Post’s deferred postage payment method (deferred postage payment method at the end of the month), the company may be required to provide cash consideration, etc., to Japan Post as collateral. While many e-commerce SMEs hope to use the deferred postage payment service, many of them are currently struggling with the burden of collateral deposits and the issue of utilizing funds.

However, users can select a form of non-cash guarantee that has been approved by the Japan Post as the collateral required by the Japan Post. One option provided by eGuarantee is a Deferred Postage Payment Guarantee Service for companies that use deferred postage payment mail. Once your business has applied for this service and passed the screening, you can use deferred postage payment mail in a cost-effective manner without cash collateral. In particular, this service is used by e-commerce businesses and SMEs who want to send a large amount of mail or postal items.

For detailed inquiries and applications regarding the Deferred Postage Payment Guarantee Service, please feel free to contact the following email address or the post office where you plan to use deferred postage payment postal mail.