Build a credit management system
on a par with major companies

eGuarantee’s clients also include more than a few financial institutions, nonbank financial companies, major trading companies, and other such companies considered to already have strong risk management and company assessment capabilities. eGuarantee can guarantee transactions with companies that clients such as these seek to avoid risk from. While naturally we are not able to underwrite every single risk, there are sometimes companies whose risk we can underwrite on the basis of the outcome of a risk analysis. In such cases, we present the result of risk analysis for each company as a rate for underwriting transactions with them, and have clients determine whether they would like to hedge the risk with us or take it on themselves. We have a long track record of receiving requests for guarantees from companies with strong risk management capabilities over the more than 20 years since our establishment, and such business is a pillar of our revenue.

This illustrates how companies considered to have their own strong risk management and company assessment capabilities also take advantage of the risk analysis capability of eGuarantee. In other words, this means that by using eGuarantee’s services, even SMEs who do not have their own credit management systems can have one on a par with those of a major company.