Accurate profit margin estimates
for each transaction partner

In the sale of products in a deferred settlement transaction, sellers tend to focus on the all or nothing outcome of whether they receive all of the payment or nothing at all. But in actual fact, there is a specific degree of risk for each individual transaction, and this can be calculated as a percentage. While clients may want to incorporate these transaction risks in their base cost calculations, the calculation of specific figures is no easy task for the average company.

With eGuarantee’s services, however, it is possible to calculate the degree of risk in the form of guarantee rates for individual transactions with each individual company. Having understood the risk involved, you can take the approach of setting lower prices for more creditworthy transaction partners while setting higher prices for those who are less creditworthy. This means that it’s possible to utilize eGuarantee’s services to set rational prices based on an understanding of the inherent risk.