Linking with in-house IT systems for business agility

With online business-to-business sales, the computerization of supply chain management, and other such recent advances, the computerization of business-to-business transactions is proceeding apace.

Online business-to-business transactions have brought about new needs for solutions that allow companies to find out in real time the maximum possible sales to a counterpart in a transaction and their accounts receivable in order to control shipment volumes, and, in some cases, instantly issue a warning for the halt of shipments.

And in cases where fintech companies outsource their company assessment work to eGuarantee, they need to be able to obtain the results of our assessment instantly.

eGuarantee, which specializes in leveraging big data to make real time assessments and decisions regarding companies, has the ability to fulfill these needs. And depending on the API, we may also be able to link to your in-house systems, so please feel free to talk to us about this.
*API (Application Programming Interface: a mechanism for linking different software and programs)