Making the most of the strengths of Japanese SMEs

While Japanese SMEs have many strengths, including product development capabilities, manufacturing processes that enable business agility, and sales abilities, their human resources are limited in comparison with major companies. This means that sometimes their staffing resources, and occasionally the management resources that constitute their greatest resources, get caught up in peripheral fields, and they become unable to concentrate their resources in the fields where their strengths traditionally lie. This results in obstacles to further growth and increasing profit margins.

But by utilizing services from eGuarantee, such companies can reduce the burden of peripheral work and concentrate resources into their own strengths. Our guarantee services provide a guarantee for uncollected risk when an event such as a bankruptcy occurs at a transaction partner, meaning clients can reduce the workload of clerical operations in the event of bad debt and of obtaining funding to offset the amount lost to bad debt, and other such work.

Furthermore, the eGCollect payment service allows clients to outsource the work of issuing payment invoices to transaction partners. Some plans also provide for early monetization, meaning clients do not have to wait for the normal payment date to receive their funds.

Through our services to underwrite credit risk in transactions with partners, we hope to help create an environment where Japanese SMEs can concentrate on their core business and make full use of their strengths.