Decision speed drives company growth

In business-to-business transactions nowadays, the ability to respond swiftly to inquiries is a major differentiating factor.
And when it comes to developing and expanding new business, if you have put in place a risk management system before you embark on new business, it is already too late. In a society that focuses on speed, being able to respond swiftly is directly linked to ensuring opportunities are not missed.
By using eGuarantee’s web service to register candidate companies for new transactions and existing transaction partners, clients can see at a glance the following day the monetary limit in transactions with the relevant company, and can also directly apply for a guarantee in a single step. This enables clients to swiftly inform transactions partners who have submitted an inquiry that they are willing to do business with them.

The option to apply for a guarantee remains valid for a set period after an assessment is issued, which means you can hold business discussions with the counterpart prior to responding. Of course, there is no actual requirement to apply for a guarantee, and you are free to use this service flexibly to suit your own style of business.