Take opportunities and grow your transactions
with peace of mind

While business discussions around new transactions may present opportunities, many companies are faced with making difficult decisions if they are unable to determine the extent of risk that will be involved in such transactions due to a lack of information on companies with whom they have no history of transactions. And while a sudden increase in the amount involved in transactions with an existing transaction partner may lead to increased sales, the potential for elements of uncertainty in the background to the sudden increase cannot be ruled out. Even if a company obtains information and undertakes their own research in order to check the level of risk, the volume of resources that they can throw at the problem is limited and they do not always get the kind of results they want.

The services provided by eGuarantee enable companies to gain an objective understanding of risk levels on the basis of our sound assessment capabilities that are backed by large volumes of business-to-business transaction data, and to hedge their risk in part or in whole to keep it under their control. What this means is our services enable any company to have risk management capabilities comparable to those possessed by major companies. They enable each company to compare the profit and risk in transactions and make rational decisions, meaning they can take the opportunities before them and grow their transactions with peace of mind.