Stock Information

Stock Information

Expanding the sales network

Number of Shares Authorized 62,720,000 shares
Number of Shares Issured and Outstanding 47,570,100 shares
Number of Shareholders 5,287
Fiscal Year April1 to March31
End-of-term registration deadline for dividendpayment 31-Mar
Mid-term registration deadline for dividendpayment 30-Sep
Shareholders Registar in Japan 7-10-11, Higashisuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo,Japan

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation

Stock Listings Tokyo Stock Exchange(Securities code:8771)

Major Shareholders

Company Shareholding Percentage
The Master Trust Bank of Japan ,Ltd (TRUST ACCOUNT)8,390,000 17.63%
ITOCHU Corporation6,336,800 13.32%
Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd.(TRUST ACCOUNT)4,465,800 9.38%
Masanori Eto3,103,100 6.52%
Teikoku Databank, Ltd.2,870,400 6.03%
NTT DATA Corporation1,440,000 3.02%
THE BANK OF NEW YORK 133652773,400 1.62%
J.P. MORGAN BANK LUXEMBOURG S.A. 381572735,800 1.54%
JP MORGAN CHASE BANK 385632725,519 1.52%

Distribution of Share Ownership

Other Domestic Corporation10,842,590 shares
Financial Institution14,405,200 shares
Foreign Corporation14,180,241 shares
Individual and Others7,724,079 shares
Securities416,420 shares

Dividend and payout ratio trends (after adjustment of the split)