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Top message
It goes without saying that running a business means constant effort in managing risk is inevitable. We, out of the complex and diversified risks, specializes our main business in giving surety on credit risks, and transferring it as an investment product.
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It is one of the several major assignments for a company to avoid credit risk. In addition, the environment that the financial institution faces today, are dramatically changing, as diversified chances for investment are required.

What we offer is a surety for our customers' credit risks. In the mean time, we offer opportunity for a financial institution to gain return by transferring the credit risks that we received from our customers. We act as a market for those who want to avoid credit risks, and for those who want to receive credit risks in terms of investment. We are proud to say that our investment products receive high remarks for its quality.

We aim to become highly specialized in the area of guaranteeing credit risk. We believe we have the strength to become one of the leading companies in this area. As our strength in the role as market maker, and partnership with the superior companies would be our power to create and challenge for the better.

It is our desire for our customers to succeed in their business by using our service as a tool. We believe our customers' success is inevitable for us to become the leading company.

Every one of our staff will make promise to be diligent, and we please our clients, partnership companies to encourage us.


Business model

Our business starts off by giving surety on credit risks such as sales receivables, under contract receivables, and other financial receivables that common business companies owns when running a business. When obligor fell in bankruptcy, failure in collecting payments can be a serious loss. In such cases, if we have a contract, we will make payments to our customer for the loss. This is how our customers avoid loss from credit risks.

The credit risk that we received from our customers, are evaluated by using our expertise and database. After we have made enough evaluation and discussed the credit risk, now it is time to transfer the risks as a product so that financial institutions are eligible to invest in.

In transferring credit risks to financial institutions we make it easy for them to invest by dispersing and restructuring the credit risks. The risk portfolio that we make is a risk dispersed to make it a product that is risk controlled with a competitive return.

By gaining credit risks from our customers and through evaluation and examination to create risk portfolio for financial institution to invest in, we have constructed a role as a market for transferring credit risks.

We collect credit risks, not only by our sales rout, but also through partnership with the leading companies and financial institutions all around the country. Cooperation with the companies all around the country makes it possible to introduce our service to common business companies such as construction firms, manufactures, and suppliers. This makes it possible to gather credit risks from various industries, and various areas.


Our Strength and characteristics

We disperse credit risks that we collected, and transfer them to various investors.

We do not take credit risks alone by creating credit risk market. The benefit of this market is being able to manage to take high credit risk with low costs. We can meet the expectation of both commercial companies that want to avoid credit risk with low costs and for those financial institutions that is willing to take chance for investment.

There are financial institutions that see credit risk as a product for investing. These financial institutions can invest in a highly minimized and dispersed credit risk through market called eGuarantee. At the same time, they can gain various types of credit risk with low costs, compared to receiving credit risk by their own.

We make specialty in transferring credit risks.
We are highly specialized in the area of managing credit risks, it is hard for a general financial institution to evaluate credit risk that has hardly any disclosure, but we have the expertise and past records to make it possible to evaluate.

Our strength is the innovative and flexible surety service. We have challenged to guarantee various kinds of credit risk, and by doing so, we have become a company that can offer solutions to credit risk management.

In addition, we have the expertise to give a solution to financial institution, by offering our services. We can put surety on the credit risks that financial institutions have taken, or those that have need for surety on the financial structures.

We make partnership with the leading companies to expand our business.
Our stock holders consists general trading company ITOCHU Corporation, TEIKOKU DATABANK, NTT DATA CORPORATION, JCB, Mizuho Corporate Bank and more. We have made partnership with these industry leading companies to expand our business.

Not only partnership with these leading companies, but also financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies help commerce our services. We are willing to strengthen relationship with our partners and expand our business fields.


Our Strategies
Increasing our gloss surety amount, we do our best to become experts in the field of guaranteeing credit risks.

Expanding the gloss Surety amount
In order to face wide range of credit risk with low costs, we place these 3 assignments as our strategies to expand the total amount of guarantee.

1)  Expanding our service channel
  It is our strategy to make partnership with the leading companies, and companies that have strength in locals to stabilize our sales all around the country to strengthen our sales rout.
2) Creating better solutions and expanding our fields
  Expanding the credit risk means, to be able to manage any kind of credit risk, by not only the default risks but also receivables that companies have in transaction against foreign countries.
3) Strengthen our risk market service
  We will strengthen our information collecting methods and database to increase our ability to evaluate credit risks. In the meantime, we will actively receive credit risk by accumulating the knowledge, train our staff, and create highly risk controlled service.

In addition, we will challenge to create new service suitable for financial institution, on the other hand broaden our existence as market maker by finding investors.


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